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Google Changes Search Algorithm - Part III PDF Print E-mail

Search Ranking Climbing Back Up!

Active ImageThis is just a quick update. We checked our ranking again for the search term "Increase Search Engine Ranking" (without quotes) on Google and we have now climbed again, this time more than 100 places. In our prior articles we talked about the Search Engine Algorithm changes recently at Google. We also discussed our Domain Aliases and how they had a negative effect on our ranking because it was appearing to Google as duplicate content, even though we have just this one site.

Upon our first changes, we went from the 500's to the 400's in ranking. Then, after cleaning up the site and fixing the aliases to be 301 redirects, we climbed back up all the way to the 100s. This is huge jump. So with a little work we are on are way back to the first page for the search term Increase Search Engine Ranking . We have also climbed back to the the 2nd page or number 13 for Increase Search Ranking. Try for yourself and see where we are.


Google Changes Search Algorithm - Part II PDF Print E-mail

Domain Aliases Bad, 301 Redirects Good

by Crack Google

Welcome to part II of our "Google Changes Search Algorithm"! The Jury is still out, but we believe that Domain Aliases were responsible for the recent Search Engine Ranking demotion on Google.

In our last article Google Changes Search Algorithm - Part I we talked about how our ranking for a certain Keyword Phrase changed very negatively. We were sent from the first page with a rank of #7 to a rank of over #530. We have some findings to report and it's very important that you read this article if you have more than one domain name pointing to your website.

Google Changes Search Algorithm - Part I PDF Print E-mail

Google Updates Search Engine Algorithm

by Crack Google

Active ImageUnless you have been hibernating or don't own a website of any kind, you might have noticed some interesting changes with Google's Search Engine. A lot of new changes have taken place and we are going to share some of our findings with you. Here is what we discovered.

Google Buys JotSpot Wiki PDF Print E-mail

Google Buys Wiki Startup JotSpot

Google, while waiting for the ink to dry on the YouTube deal, has started its acquisition engine up again with a purchase of the online collaboration startup JotSPot. We are being told to that this acquisition may have to do with Google Office.

The announcement was made public on Tuesday.  Separate postings on Google's and JotSpot's company blogs have confirmed the speculation.

Crack Google Going Strong PDF Print E-mail

Crack Google Going Strong

Crack Google is please to announce that new members are joining every week. Many of our users are predominately located outside of the United States. We found this to be very interesting and we were intrigued. If you have any questions or need help, please do not hesitate to email us or contact us via our Contact Us Section.

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