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Welcome to Crack Google

by Crack Google

Crack Google .com is a website dedicated to gaining the latest insight about how to maximize Search Engine results with Google. What we are talking about is quality Search Engine Rankings, not fly by not get a quick click Search Engine optimization, but rather for those websites and publishers who truly seek to gain a competitive edge for the long term by providing excellent content by means of quality, not quantity.

This is not to say you are not allowed to post other means, rather this website and its users seek to build quality websites and revenue for the long-haul. So if you have something to post that may not seem fitting, post anyway, we may gain something. At a minimum, we will learn WHAT NOT TO DO!

And on the flipside, you may find that you will be far better served taking a white route to success. I can tell you from my own personal experience that I am getting much further faster, by providing real and relative content. I don't know how Google is doing it, but they really seem to be able to filter quality from quantity. And think about it, do you want to be a one hit wonder, or do you want people to come back because you truly offer something unique and beneficial?

You may be far better served by simply providing quality content on a few sites, instead of providing many sites with quantity and unrelated content. Don't take my word for it, or other members of this board. Do some homework yourself and share your results. That is what this site is intended to do.

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Thank you,


Crack Google Team
PS, Check back often, we are updating very often and the benefits and content will continue to grow.

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